Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bill Daniel Throws His Hat In The Race For San Diego City Council, District 7

Bill Daniel, a public school teacher for over two decades, has thrown his hat into the ring for next year's 2008 City Council races. Bill will be competing in the 7th District for a seat on the San Diego City Council.

Look for more upcoming information on this dedicated public servant, Christian and educated civic and constituional historian!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

On the Hotseat: James Hartline On The Stacy Taylor Show Tomorrow

James Hartline will be going to the world of progressive talk radio tomorrow.
Friday, June 15, 2007.
1360am Progressive Talk Radio - San Diego.

The Stacy Taylor Show will have James on at 8:00am (pacific standard time)

Few Christian Conservative Candidates will often show little backbone to enter the world of liberal America.
James has lived in the the midst of a center-left council district for many years. Thus, he knows how to handle liberal talk radio.Let's see what happens!

Breaking News! Please pray for Evangelist Billy Graham's family as his wife of six decades, Ruth, has just passed away. Death is always difficult, but we know this song bird of the Gospel is now singing in heaven with the angels!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Breaking News! Hartline Campaign Becomes Major National Story

Breaking News! Tuesday - June 12, 2007
World Net Daily, one of the largest online news services in the world, with over 8 million readers per month, has made the story of James Hartline's campaign for the San Diego City Council, one of its top news stories today.

ELECTION 2008 Ex-homosexual runs for San Diego City Council Christian activist vies to replace lesbian in district with major 'gay' community
Posted: June 12, 20071:00 a.m. Eastern

By James L. Lambert © 2007

James Hartline, a Christian activist and self-professed former homosexual is running for a City Council seat in San Diego currently held by a lesbian.
James Hartline, who says he went through a dramatic Christian conversion seven years ago, has been on the front lines of many local battles against homosexual activism, speaking out on the dangers of the "gay lifestyle."

He has told of his conversion in both secular and religious media outlets around the country, including Pat Robertson's "700 Club."

Hartline is vying for a seat that will open after current council member Toni Atkins' term expires in 2008. Council members in San Diego are limited by law to two terms.

Hartline says he now rejects a life of drugs and reckless sexual encounters that is being "replayed over and over again in gay communities and their sex clubs throughout America."

The Third District, where Hartline is running, includes the Hillcrest community, known for its large homosexual population. The last two City Council members from the district are both well-known lesbian Democrats.

Hartline recognizes his campaign will face strong competition from a powerful homosexual lobby in the district. He will run as a Republican in the June 2008 primary.

Hartline said in a statement he is entering the race to "change the politics-as-usual treadmill that is drowning out the will of the people in not only the district but the city of San Diego as well."

His campaign team will include legislative analyst Beverly Wyer, attorney Robert Sutton and financial investor Chuck Stout.
Hartline's announcement caused a stir in the local homosexual media, including the Gay and Lesbian Times, which expressed its concern about Hartline running for a seat traditionally held by homosexual activists.

Hartline's activism includes publicly exposing several registered pedophiles who were actively involved with the annual "gay pride" parade. He worked with the city attorney's office to alert authorities of blatant sexual activity in a local homosexual bathhouse, which closed its doors in April.

Hartline has also informed the public of several local porn bookstores located close to churches and schools. He was also featured in a March 2007 WND story on the involvement of middle school students in the annual "gay pride" parade.

He also has helped draw attention to the effort to save the landmark San Diego cross under threat from a lawsuit brought by an atheist.

To contact or support James Hartline's campaign to help him make history, as well as returning San Diego's City Council back into the hands of the people where it has always belonged: email -

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Campaign News You Can Use!

Campaign News You Can Use!

James Hartline will be the featured guest on the national radio program
Preparedness Now!
Monday, June 19, 2007 at 7am (pacific standard time).
You can listen live by logging on to the studio's website at:
Host Pam Stegner features some of America's top political leaders and James is pleased to speak with her about the current battles he is waging to protect families and their children in San Diego, California. Additionally, James will speak on the privilege of overcoming great adversity to become one of America's most recognized Christian activists.

On The Campaign Trail:

One Team Hartline supporter, Diana Pappas writes James:
"I will be supporting you and writing my email list of 500 recepients about your campaign."

What many of Hartline's opponents do not realize is that while they have been doing nothing to connect to the tens of thousands of Christian voters in the district, James has spent many years building relationships and friendships with these voters. James has one of the biggest networks of Republican and indepent voting networks in San Diego County. James walks the talk! He is transparent and lives the life that he preaches.

Democratic opponents of Team Hartline love to hang campaign slogans and titles around their political necks when they want to get elected, but in reality, they have little to show for themselves other than the typical, self-serving machinery of radical gay activism. And in the process, the voters of District 3 are left with nothing but a council representative who is self-serving and morally bankrupt. These liberalized political hacks are a manifestation which demonstrates why San Diego's District 3 has so many basic infrastructure problems. When election time comes around, James Hartline will have thousands of the district's Christian voters standing strong with him and calling for an end to the destructive and worthless agenda of the last sixteen years at city hall.

Remember: When James Hartline was fighting to stop the San Diego Gay Pride event in 2005 from allowing sex offenders and pedophiles from harming the children of his district, Toni Atkins and her friends were promoting the event with the sex offenders still involved in the festival planning at Balboa Park. Whitburn and Gloria, remember those names. They never stood with James when he was standing against the sex offenders. The voters in District 3 will realize who is really on the side of protecting kids from predators and who is not.

James Hartline will never, ever stop fighting for the protection of the kids of District 3. Gloria and Whitburn have promoted the San Diego Gay Pride events where children have been exposed to xxx porn companies and other degrading sexually explicit images. Is this the kind of agenda that is good for our youth?

Moms and Dads, young voters and churchgoers, Republicans and Independents are all demanding a change in San Diego's District 3 political agenda. Todd Gloria, Stephen Whitburn and every other business-as-usual political hack in District 3 are now put on notice: James Hartline will contend with you for the hearts and minds of this district's voters. District 3 voters will expect nothing less than a new man at city hall. And that man is James Hartline!

The Battle Has Already Begun: Christians Begin War To Reclaim San Diego County Republican Party

This is the beginning of our battle to reclaim the San Diego County Republican Party as the political vehicle for promoting strong biblical values in our culture. For too long Christians have been told by the local GOP: "We want your votes, but not your values!" The days of being treated as second-class citizens when we Christians are the ones with first-class values are over! We have begun to organize. We have begun to fight.

We are now organizing a strong, well-coordinated campaign to elect Christian citizens to the all of the central committees of the San Diego Republican Party. The current state Republican Party platform is pro-life, pro-family and pro-traditional marriage. Currently, a crop of GOP members have been elected to a controlling majority of the San Diego Republican Party Central Committees who do not advocate all of the party platforms. They violate the pro-life plank of the party. They support radical gay activism. And they do not care that they are actively violating the party platform. In essence, they are destroying responsiblity to the party to uphold the party platform while using the Republican Party as a means for pushing a very anti-republican, big tent, worthless agenda.

We plan to fight this radicalized, anti-republican party infiltration by the radical left.

Our plan is simple, but will require sacrifice, tenacity, dedication and patience. These four characteristics that should be common among true Christians. Nothing less will do!

We are gathering the names of those who are committed to upholding strong Biblical values and all of the state Republican Party platforms.

Our current list of central committee candidates:

76th Central Committee
James Hartline
Robert Sutton

77th Central Committee
Chuck Stout
Beverly Wyer

78th Central Committee
Bill Daniel

If you would like to be interviewed to be placed on our list of candidates for the San Diego Central Committees, contact James:
We can promise you that we will be united in our support for your efforts if you are accepted for our team effort. Divided we fall - United We Shall Prevail!