Sunday, June 10, 2007

Campaign News You Can Use!

Campaign News You Can Use!

James Hartline will be the featured guest on the national radio program
Preparedness Now!
Monday, June 19, 2007 at 7am (pacific standard time).
You can listen live by logging on to the studio's website at:
Host Pam Stegner features some of America's top political leaders and James is pleased to speak with her about the current battles he is waging to protect families and their children in San Diego, California. Additionally, James will speak on the privilege of overcoming great adversity to become one of America's most recognized Christian activists.

On The Campaign Trail:

One Team Hartline supporter, Diana Pappas writes James:
"I will be supporting you and writing my email list of 500 recepients about your campaign."

What many of Hartline's opponents do not realize is that while they have been doing nothing to connect to the tens of thousands of Christian voters in the district, James has spent many years building relationships and friendships with these voters. James has one of the biggest networks of Republican and indepent voting networks in San Diego County. James walks the talk! He is transparent and lives the life that he preaches.

Democratic opponents of Team Hartline love to hang campaign slogans and titles around their political necks when they want to get elected, but in reality, they have little to show for themselves other than the typical, self-serving machinery of radical gay activism. And in the process, the voters of District 3 are left with nothing but a council representative who is self-serving and morally bankrupt. These liberalized political hacks are a manifestation which demonstrates why San Diego's District 3 has so many basic infrastructure problems. When election time comes around, James Hartline will have thousands of the district's Christian voters standing strong with him and calling for an end to the destructive and worthless agenda of the last sixteen years at city hall.

Remember: When James Hartline was fighting to stop the San Diego Gay Pride event in 2005 from allowing sex offenders and pedophiles from harming the children of his district, Toni Atkins and her friends were promoting the event with the sex offenders still involved in the festival planning at Balboa Park. Whitburn and Gloria, remember those names. They never stood with James when he was standing against the sex offenders. The voters in District 3 will realize who is really on the side of protecting kids from predators and who is not.

James Hartline will never, ever stop fighting for the protection of the kids of District 3. Gloria and Whitburn have promoted the San Diego Gay Pride events where children have been exposed to xxx porn companies and other degrading sexually explicit images. Is this the kind of agenda that is good for our youth?

Moms and Dads, young voters and churchgoers, Republicans and Independents are all demanding a change in San Diego's District 3 political agenda. Todd Gloria, Stephen Whitburn and every other business-as-usual political hack in District 3 are now put on notice: James Hartline will contend with you for the hearts and minds of this district's voters. District 3 voters will expect nothing less than a new man at city hall. And that man is James Hartline!

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