Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Battle Has Already Begun: Christians Begin War To Reclaim San Diego County Republican Party

This is the beginning of our battle to reclaim the San Diego County Republican Party as the political vehicle for promoting strong biblical values in our culture. For too long Christians have been told by the local GOP: "We want your votes, but not your values!" The days of being treated as second-class citizens when we Christians are the ones with first-class values are over! We have begun to organize. We have begun to fight.

We are now organizing a strong, well-coordinated campaign to elect Christian citizens to the all of the central committees of the San Diego Republican Party. The current state Republican Party platform is pro-life, pro-family and pro-traditional marriage. Currently, a crop of GOP members have been elected to a controlling majority of the San Diego Republican Party Central Committees who do not advocate all of the party platforms. They violate the pro-life plank of the party. They support radical gay activism. And they do not care that they are actively violating the party platform. In essence, they are destroying responsiblity to the party to uphold the party platform while using the Republican Party as a means for pushing a very anti-republican, big tent, worthless agenda.

We plan to fight this radicalized, anti-republican party infiltration by the radical left.

Our plan is simple, but will require sacrifice, tenacity, dedication and patience. These four characteristics that should be common among true Christians. Nothing less will do!

We are gathering the names of those who are committed to upholding strong Biblical values and all of the state Republican Party platforms.

Our current list of central committee candidates:

76th Central Committee
James Hartline
Robert Sutton

77th Central Committee
Chuck Stout
Beverly Wyer

78th Central Committee
Bill Daniel

If you would like to be interviewed to be placed on our list of candidates for the San Diego Central Committees, contact James:
We can promise you that we will be united in our support for your efforts if you are accepted for our team effort. Divided we fall - United We Shall Prevail!

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